2 generations 1st Generation 1911-1924 2nd Generation 1969-1979 or Best Offer +$4.99 shipping. It was cast in a single block had a heat-treated nickel crank and camshafts. Stutz cars also competed at Le Mans in 1930, 1931 and 1932. Owning a Stutz Bearcat became a famous status symbol for the wealthy of the era. A 3 speed manual gearbox transmits the power to the wheels. The first version was produced from 1914 to 1917 and was powered by a 6388 cc four-cylinder engine. Gebaut wurde der Bearcat 2 im Jahr 1988 und er befindet sich zu 100% im Originalzustand. : You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix – to adapt the work; Under the following conditions: attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. He later used this to drive around the cityduring his scavenger hunt. JamesEdition makes it easy to find Stutz Bearcat cars you're looking for, we feature Stutz Bearcat for sale by dealerships around the world. [3], Other replicas have been built by individuals. Stutz Bearcat II modified by Dunham Coach 1988 / 2007 # 1G 2AW 87G 1EL 274323. esheehan@heritagemuseums.org 2021-01-30T15:15:07-05:00. Because of design difficulties with this convertible Stutz decided to produce the 1970 Blackhawk coupe first. Kenosha, WI . Only one D'Italia was ever made, although others have done Blackhawk conversions as well (i.e. It was the last vehicle he drove the night before he died. His successor was the Stutz Bearcat II. Essentially, the Bearcat was a shorter (120-inch [3,048 mm] wheelbase vs 130-inch [3,302 mm]), lighter version of the standard Stutz passenger car's chassis. 1988 pearl white carbon fiber stutz bearcat ii convertible sc '16117' 1 of 1. Feb 7, 2019 - Explore BIGG ERN - 2 2 7 5's board "STUTZ BEARCAT", followed by 219 people on Pinterest. The Series E of 1913 brought electric lights and starter. The Stutz Bearcat was an American sports car of the pre– and post–World War I period. The car lasted through 1933. 1972 Stutz Bearcat reproduction Yellow with brown leather interior, 5,000 actual miles, #001 out of 7 built, Monocle windshield, open bucket seats, 3-speed floor shifter,... More. [citation needed] A Triumph ad asked the question "Is the TR 3 the Stutz Bearcat of the 60s?" It was powered by a 361 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine that produced 50 horsepower. The Stutz is a rare vehicle and is based on the Chevrolet Corvette, only a handful of them were made, Elvis was one of the lucky owners of the same type of Stutz. The sale of the vehicles, however, dragged on until the early 1990s. Rather, it followed the structure of the so-called safety cabriolets,A massive roll bar replaced the B-pillar, providing stability and safety in the event of an accident. Lees meer over Collectables. Production Bearcats differed from the factory "White Squadron" racers by having fenders, lights and a trunk. customizer John D'Agostino). This ad also was the first to use the soon to be famous Stutz slogan "The Car that made good in a day" referring to the Stutz racer's 11th-place finish in the 1911 Indianapolis 500. Bands he has played with include Armstrong Bearcat Band, Hullabaloo, Generators, Buzzy Linheart, Savoy Brown, and Mr. With Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole, Henry Darrow, John Anderson. 1915 Stutz Bearcat. It is thought about a dozen were completed. It was broadly similar in outline (bucket seats, exposed fuel tank) but differed from the original in having left hand drive and many visual differences. The doorless body style lasted through 1916. It was a small coupe featuring dual side-mount spare tires and a rakish dip in the doors, similar to contemporary (and future) sports cars. A six-cylinder option was available for an extra $250.00 (equivalent to $6,467 i… Solamente se fabricó un puñado de ellos, siendo Elvis uno de los afortunados propietarios del mismo modelo de Stutz. Single Stromberg carburettor keeps the driver’s enthusiasm for the loud pedal tame. The Nash ad from the early 1950s has the line "For the boy who wanted a Stutz Bearcat.". Owning a Stutz Bearcat became a status symbol for the wealthy of the era. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. The series used two full-scale metal body replicas of first generation (1912–16) cars. In 2005, a bodyshell for a 1988 Stutz Bearcat II was offered on Ebay. In the interior there was still the known luxury: hand-sewn leather, hand-polished woods, gold leaf pads on almost all visible instruments and levers and much more. The base platform was the GM F platform for 1987, with the trailing edge of the spare forming part of the car's rear bumper. A sales catalog lists the available colors for the Series E as vermillion, monitor gray, and Mercedes red. 5 VINTAGE SUMMER VEHICLES - STUTZ BEARCAT, ROLLS ROYCE, RILEY MPH, 2 DUESENBERGS. Stylistically, all (now really) classic elements of the newer Stutz models were cited, but they had to be reduced to significantly smaller dimensions, which gave the Bearcat II a very independent, squat appearance. [4] [5] The Stutz Bearcat was produced from 1914 through 1924. The Bearcat switched with the Blackhawk to the GM B platform in 1980, with the exterior continuing the Blackhawk's exposed trunk-mounted spare tire and freestanding headlamps. It was originally powered by a 390-cubic-inch (6.39 l), 60-horsepower straight-four engine produced by the Wisconsin Motor Manufacturing Company. The Stutz Bearcat was an American sports car of the pre– and post–World War I period.. Production began in 1911 and ended in 1935. In 1976, a convertible called D'Italia based on a standard Blackhawk was presented at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Bearcat was realized between 1979 and 1985 in several versions: The 1988 presented Stutz Bearcat series II replaced the previous models Blackhawk and Bearcat. Stress. Two honorable men-for-hire look for adventure in the pre-World War I American southwest in their fancy Stutz Bearcat. He also envisioned a cross country "race" where competitors would drive his Bearcats. The Bearcat name was reintroduced in 1931. The German dealer Auto Becker in Düsseldorf offered the car with a 210 bhp, 5-litre (305 cu in), multi-port fuel-injected V8 and a galvanized chassis for 380,000 DM. It retailed for $125,000 (equivalent to $281,305 in 2019[1]), including a carbon-fiber hard top for use in winter and a matching luggage set. Email. Hay un registro de Stutz y, … Presque neuve et très rare : Stutz Bearcat 2 cabriolet, objet de collection, unique !!! Stutz called the material "Diamond Comp" and explained in the first sales brochure the same material is used on US space shuttle vehicles (and) Formula 1 racing cars. Ft. single family home built in 1979 that sold on 12/23/2019. From 1989 there is no more production. Stutz Bearcat for sale. The Bearcat name was resurrected for the 1967 Stutz Motor Car of America design based on Virgil Exner's Duesenberg "Revival Car" concept. For 1923, the roadster was renamed the Bearcat, but the name would again disappear in 1924. It was often associated with the "Roaring 20s" and college students of that period. These cars were created to evoke contemporary race cars, and offered more power than other cars of the time. The Series E of 1913 brought electric lights and starter. La Bearcat non entrò subito in produzione per difficoltà incontrate durante la fase progettuale. Denis King And His Orchestra And Stutz Bear Cats: Denis King And His Orchestra And Stutz Bear Cats - Vi Möts Igen, Originalmusiken Från Tv-Serien ‎ (7", Comp) Frituna: FR-1151: Sweden: 1983: Sell This Version It was originally powered by a 390-cubic-inch (6.39 l), 60-horsepower straight-four engine produced by the Wisconsin Motor Manufacturing Company. The depression had not been kind to Stutz, so the name was used as a way to boost sales. The main change was a new Stutz-designed 360-cubic-inch (5.90 l) 16-valve four-cylinder engine. While externally very close to the original cars, they were in fact built on custom chassis powered by Ford drivetrains and had modern four-wheel brake systems for safety. Only 13 cars were ever built, so it was quite surprising to see just the body, without any chromeparts (beside the doorhandles). Profile: Bassist in Cleveland, Ohio. Stutz production ended in 1934.[2]. Most content is now restricted to registered members only. It was frequently menti… The body was made of plastic. In the late 1960s, he built and marketed a fiber-glass replica of the car, based on the chassis of an International Harvester Scout utility vehicle. It was aimed at luxury car buyers as a unique runabout, but its high price limited sales. The 6-litre (350 cu in) Corvette engine was an option. Wire wheels were listed as a $125 option (equivalent to $2,937 in 2019[1]). O'Donnell responded with the Bearcat Convertible, a factory-open version of the Blackhawk Coupe. 1920 Stutz 4-H Bearcat: The 4-H Bearcat is a car from Stutz, with rear wheel drive, a front mounted engine and a 2 door roadster body style. In 1987, a completely new Bearcat convertible, called the Bearcat II, was introduced. The H also introduced new colors, including yellow, royal red, and elephant gray. 32. SIGN UP FOR EMAIL! L'uscita ufficiale della Bearcat fu preannunciata nel 1976 da un'altra concept car, la Stutz D'Italia. The first public mention of the car (then spelled "Bear Cat" ) is in an advertisement in the 1912 program for the Indianapolis 500 mile race. For 1919, the Series G was similar, but the mid-1919 Series H bodies featured cut-down sides to make cockpit entrance easier. Kijk ook eens bij het Internationale Stutz register. O'Donnell responded with the Bearcat Convertible, a factory-open version of the Blackhawk Coupe. A factory brochure from the year 1979 In a short time about 30 copies of this version of the Bearcat were made. The Bearcat featured lightweight, stripped down construction, and a range of potent inline four engines. The factory brochure described the Bearcat II as "the ultimate fulfillment of the automotive artistic dream" and, after being directed to the production of the car in Italy, tried the car into a tradition of the Renaissance artist To ask Michelangelo .The Bearcat II was sold in the United States for $ 125,000. Sitting on a 116-inch (2,900 mm) wheelbase, it featured a lightweight fabric body built by Weymann. This ad also was the first to use the soon to be famous Stutz slogan "The Car that made good in a day" referring to the Stutz racer's 11th-place finish in the 1911 Indianapolis 500. According to factory literature from 1913 the Bearcat "was designed to meet the needs of the customer desiring a car built along the lines of a racing car with a slightly higher gear ratio than our normal torpedo roadster, has met with great favor with motor car owners and meets the demand for a car of this class. La Stutz decise quindi di iniziare a produrre, nel 1970, la Blackhawk, che aveva una carrozzeria coupé. Join our email list today! The original production Bearcat was introduced in the Series A of 1912. A total of 12 vehicles Bearcat II type. It is now housed, along with a number of his other vehicles at Graceland. The Stutz "White Squadron" factory racing team won the 1913 and 1915 championships. Essentially, the Bearcat was a shorter (120-inch [3,048 mm] wheelbase vs 130-inch [3,302 mm]), lighter version of the standard Stutz passenger car's chassis. Durch seine solide amerikanische Technik, feinste italienische Materialien im Innenraum und seine einzigartige Optik machen […] It continued to be right-hand drive with external gearshift and brake levers. $19.98. The 1921 series K featuring a new "DH" engine with a detachable head was introduced, but a switch to left-hand drive in the following KLDH (L for left) meant the end of the Bearcat, since its narrow front seat and cockpit did not leave room for centrally located gear and brake levers. Common with racing and sports cars of the period, it featured minimal bodywork consisting of a "dog house" hood, open bucket seats, a tiny "monocle" windscreen in front of the driver, and a cylindrical fuel tank on a short rear deck. The conversion was done by Dan Steckler, working for Stutz in California. Created by Douglas Heyes. Add to Favorites More. Evel Knievel and Wayne Newton owned the car respectively.Elvis Presley also had a black Stutz with a red leather interior an gold plated gear stick. 1915 Stutz Bearcat. Near new and very rare Stutz Bearcat 2 convertible, a collector’s item, unique!!! El Stutz es un vehículo inusual que parte del Chevrolet Corvette. View 26 photos for 200 Stutz Bearcat Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336 a 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,240 Sq. Though America was a burgeoning primordial soup of automotive manufacturers in the first two decades of the 20th century, no single sports car gained (or retained) legendary status quite like the Stutz Bearcat. The 1920 Series K was again similar, but prices rose to $3,900 (equivalent to $49,774 in 2019[1]) in the wake of a postwar auto sales boom. Special Stutz Black Hawk speedsters were 2nd at Le Mans in 1928, but the Stutz cars came no higher than 5th in 1929. "[citation needed]. The original production Bearcat was introduced in the Series A of 1912. During the year 1995, a thirteenth vehicle is said to have been manufactured from spare parts. In 1912, Stutz Bearcats won 25 of the 30 auto races in which they were entered. Its engine is a naturally aspirated petrol, 5.9 litre, 4 cylinder with 4 valves per cylinder. Stutz was a very prestigious automaker in its day, and the racy Bearcat helped make its name. The audience's response to the Convertible D'Italia had shown that the clientele needed an open mind. 1975 Stutz Blackhawk VI The Stutz Motor Car Company was an American producer of high-end sports and luxury cars based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Velvet Underground's 1970 song "Sweet Jane" mentions a Stutz Bearcat to illustrate the bygone times described in the song. $7.20. Car customizer George Barris made two much more accurate replicas for the 1971 television series Bearcats!. The Bearcat was a creation inspired by an Indy sports car racer built by the Stutz Motor Company in 1911. The Bearcat featured a 389 cu in (6.4 L) Wisconsin brawny four-cylinder T-head engine with four valves per cylinder, [citation needed] one of the earliest multi-valve engines, matched with one of Harry Stutz's transaxles. Compare prices on Stutz Bearcat, read specifications and descriptions and see Stutz Bearcat images from our global listings. Because new US safety regulations required convertibles to have a rollbar, an open-air Bearcat was not manufactured until 1979. SUBSCRIBE NOW. The new Bearcat used the GM A platform shared with the Blackhawk, and was essentially a Targa top coupe. Apart from the roof construction, the body of the original vehicle was taken over unchanged. Initially it was based on the Blackhawk Series 3. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Its chassis and drive technology were taken over unchanged. Stutz Bearcat (Mk2) (1979 to 1995) The audience's response to the Convertible D'Italia had shown that the clientele needed an open mind. It was frequently mentioned with stereotypical accoutrements of the period such as raccoon coats and illicit "bathtub gin". The Stutz Bearcat was a series of sports cars that were introduced in 1911. That fame persisted well into the late 20th century and the car's name was often used by way of comparison by modern makes of cars including Nash, Triumph and Mercury. Stutz Bearcat (2) Real Name: Glen Toszer. When Stutz presented the Series 4 of the Blackhawk coupe in 1980, a cabriolet version of this model, also called Bearcat, was submitted later with some delay. In 1914 it was priced at $2000, much less than some imported European sports cars, but about two to three times the cost of the average American "basic" car (with the Ford Model T of the day priced at $550). At least eight of them were made in 1988, some probably earlier. Help Motor car go into the future >>>  Register for website here. [2] [3] Ese mismo año, el ingeniero de desarrollo Frank Lockhart utilizó un par de motores DOHC sobrealimentados de 1.5 litros en su Stutz Black Hawk Special con carrocería aerodinámica, logrando otro récord de velocidad en Daytona, al alcanzar los 106.53 mph (171.3 km/h) con el vehículo conducido por Gil Anderson. Pre-Owned. 1988 pearl white carbon fiber stutz bearcat ii convertible sc '16117' 1 of 1. The Bearcat II was based on the Pontiac Firebird chassis with 5.7-liter (350 in3) V8 multi-port fuel-injected Corvette engine and had a lightweight, dent- and corrosion-proof body made of what Stutz called Diamond Fiber Comp., a kind of carbon-fiber composite. The new Stutz was much more compact than any of its predecessors, and contemporary sports car technology worked under the still traditionally shaped body. Oklahoma City businessman Howard D. Williams attempted to capitalize on the model's fame. The Series S Bearcat of 1917 brought the first large change to the model. Its introduction represented the most radical model change in the company's history. Near new and very rare Stutz Bearcat 2 convertible, a collector’s item, unique!!! Stutz Bearcat 2 Zurück Weiter Den Stutz Bearcat 2 haben wir 1990 in Florida als Neufahrzeug erworben und es ist seitdem in unserem Besitz. La concept car della seconda serie del modello fu realizzata nel 1967. 8 spark plug dual ignition with twin exhaust valves per cylinder – hence lovely 8 pipe exhaust manifold… GEARBOX: Phantom II Rolls-Royce. 1972 Stutz Bearcat reproduction. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Pinterest Email. Join our Email List! Der Stutz ist ein seltenes Fahrzeug, es basiert auf der Chevrolet Corvette und es wurde nur eine Handvoll davon gebaut - Elvis war einer der Glücklichen Besitzer genau dieses Stutz-Modells. A six-cylinder option was available for an extra $250.00 (equivalent to $6,467 in 2019[1]). These Stutz cars had Roots superchargers and vacuum servo brakes. Margeregeling 0% Btw. or Best Offer +$9.90 shipping. By 1922, the famed Bearcat name was missing from model lists and sales literature. "John D'Agostino Black Hawk custom (Madle.org)", "The complete line of Stutz cars, December 1914", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Stutz_Bearcat&oldid=1005515430, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 February 2021, at 02:06. It was often associated with the "Roaring 20s" and college students of that period. In total, only seven copies of this version were created. Dieses fast neuwertige und sehr seltene Stutz Bearcat 2 Cabriolet ist ein Sammlerstück und wirklich einzigartig!!!

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