A B2B event must be perfect. Expertise in event management is more important as companies must entrust the organization of their events to the appropriate people. Our objectve is to bring you all the satisfaction desired by making your event a real success.

Our know-hows consists in defining your needs, developing your project, coordinating your event. From the first contact to the debriefing, our sole objective is the success of your event to make it a reference point in the life of your company and in the memories of your collaborators.

The B2B event conveys a message and preserves your reputation

The B2B event has to be perfect. A mastered know how in events management is so important in such a way as that companies shall entrust the organization of their events to the appropriate persons. Our objective to bring for you the satisfaction you desire making out of your event a real success.

A successful event will foster your reputation and enhance your brand image. It strengthens your credibility from the part of your customers and your collaborators. EVENCIA engages, with all the possible means, in providing solutions adapted to your needs. Launching a product, inauguration of a new point of sale or any other type of professional event, it is always a privileged moment to federate many of people around a clear and targeted message.

A network of high-end service providers

The organization of a professional event, requires considerable upstream work as well as providers who master their profession. Thanks to its confirmed network of service providers, EVENCIA guarantees you a 100% success reception. We take care of the organization of your event from A to Z.

A perfect coordination set up by our team will allow you to focus on the essential: the message you want to convey to your audience at the right time. Our satisfaction is that your event is a real success at all levels: the quality of the service, meetings, selected speakers or simply the quality of the concept, and this, whatever the place.