5Nights & 6 Days (Possibility of 1 day extension )
Mides/Douz/ Matmata/Djerba


Day 1: Tunis

Arrival to the airport and transfer. We will visit Carthage which is an extensive archaeological site, located on a hill dominating the Gulf of Tunis and the surrounding plain. You will also see the tophets, the Punic ports, Antonine Baths, Byrsa Hill, the cisterns, the Carthage Museum. ₋ Return to the delightful hillside town of Sidi Bou Said with its superb views over the Bay of Tunis. Then, departure to the heart of Tunis and the old Medina. You will see the great Zaytouna Mosque located in the centre of the old Medina, the door-to-door shops selling all types of local curiosities and stunning houses of character which are nowadays used as exclusive gift shops, art galleries and fine traditional restaurants.

Day 2: Tozeur/Nafta

Then departure to Tozeur via Chott El Jerid, a seasonal lake that is completely dry for most of the year. Its sun-baked surface, composed of a hard crust of sodium chloride, conceals sources of underground water and the area has a vivid red colour due to the high iron content. Then moving to “la Corbeille de Nafta”, an oasis traversed by many irrigation canals, is discovered on foot along the various streams of water.

Day 3: Chbika/Tamarghza/Mides

After breakfast, departure in 4X4 to visit Chebika to discover the scenery of STAR WARS in an excursion to the oases of mountains  «Marvels of the South». It was known as the castle of the sun. We will continue our tour by visiting Tamerza the largest mountain oases of Tunisia to visit of the palm grove, the water-fall, stop by an old village and visit Midès. In the afternoon, we will visit Dar Chraiet museum and Eden Palm Eco museum: It is a unique private museum in the country, an innovative concept that offers an intelligent  illustration of the irrigation system, palm culture, craft trades centered around one of the most emblematic trees in Tunisia.  Then departure to Douz

Day 4: Douz

Douz is a small town that appears to be plopped down amidst the dunes that is known as the “gateway to the Sahara”. In ancient times it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes.

Day 5: Matmata/Djerba

We will then continue our journey by visiting Matmata via Medenine. From the splendor of the high citadel of Ksar Jouma which overlooks the entire region, follows the rocky trails down to the arid, sun baked region of Matmata where craters dug into the ground provided another type of shelter from invaders. Matmata was the setting for the film “Star Wars). This village, named after the Berber tribe that inhabits the region is the largest of the troglodyte communities. Then we will take a ferry boat to Djerba Island which is a beautiful place located in the Gulf of Gabes, in southern Tunisia. In 2008, it has been announced by the American travel guide Trip Advisor as the best tourist destination. In the same year, the New York Times also picked Tunisia as the 3rd best place in the world to visit, just behind Lisbon and Laos – outnumbering Mauritius, Miami Beach and South Beach.

Day 6: Tunis

Transfer from The Hotel to airport

Extension 1 Day

  • After breakfast, we will go to the Berber village of Chenini. Afterwards we will visit Tataouine which is one of the most picturesque towns in south east Tunisia. The district is famous for its ksour (fortified Berber granaries). Surrounded by mountains from fortresses once used as a shelter from invaders. Essential products found in the region are cereals and olive oil.
  • We’ll go towards Ksar Ghilane in 4×4; it’s a green palm garden with a small lake in the middle surrounded by sand dunes and Nafzaouza which is the border between the sand and the rocky desert. It offers you a calm feeling and its shadow gives you peace of mind.
  • Afterwards you will see Guellala, the village of potters. All of the local people of this village are engaged in this ancestral craft and you can see vases, jugs, pitchers displayed along the main street. At the southern area of Houmt Souk, you can find Ghriba, a Jewish temple built in the 6th century BC. This is the second top Judaic destinations in the world and you can see Jews mainly in the month of May. If you are interested in Djerba’s history, there are 2 museums you can visit including Sidi Zitouni museum which offers many aspects of Djerba’s traditional life.