“Taste Tunisia“ 6Nights & 7Days
Douz/ Matmata/Gabes/Hammamet


Day1: Tunis

Arrival to airport and transfer. We will visit Carthage which is an archaeological site located on a hill extending over the coast of Tunis and the surrounding plain. You will also see the tophets, the Punic ports, Antonine Baths, Byrsa Hill, the cisterns, Carthage Museum. ₋ Return to the delightful hillside town of Sidi Bou Said with its superb views over the Bay of Tunis. Then, departure to the heart of Tunis and the old Medina. You will see the great Zaytuna Mosque located in the centre of the old Medina, door-to-door shops selling all types of local curiosities and stunning houses of character which are nowadays used as exclusive gift shops, art galleries and fine traditional restaurants.

Day 2: Zaghouan/Takrouna/Hammamet

Arrival to Zaghouan, an Andalusia city and is considered a Roman water temple. A spring originating here supplied ancient seaside Carthage with fresh water. Its main room above the spring was dedicated to one of the many gods of water and encloses a fountain surrounded by twelve niches. Then off to Tekrouna which dominates a plain with a breathtaking view. Finally, Departure to Hammamet.

Day 3: Hammamet / Kerkouane

Arrival to Kerkouane and orange fruit show depending on availability and season /Discover the Bedouin life ; on this archaeological site, at the seafront you will see the best preserved remains of the Carthaginian civilization: the ruins of a small city, with houses, a temple and the ramparts. After Lunch, we visit the Punic town in kerkowane and the archaeological Museum.

Day 4: Kairouan/Tozeur (01 night/ Tozeur)

Upon arrival to Kairouan, we visit the holy Islamic city Founded in 671 by Okba Ibn Nafâa, one of the most ancient mosques in the world and a monument that is considered as the most impressive in North Africa, the Great Mosque is the symbol of Kairouan, not only for its religious prestige but also for its historical importance and its remarkable architectureinscribed in UNESCO ‘S WORLD Heritage list, Visit the Aghlabide pool, a real water reservoir for the saint city. After lunch, off to Tozeur, Dinner will be served under a Bedouin tent “Living the experience of sahara in the south of Tunisia is definitely worth the the journey. This part of nature offers a feeling of unparalleled scenery provoking a multitude of sensations

Day 5: Tozeur/Douz/Matmata

Visit Dar Chrayt Museum. The first private museum in Tunisia, it was founded in 1990 by Abderrazak Cheraït, Mayor of Tozeur, who is the initiator of several cultural projects for the enhancement of the Tunisian heritage. Then a visit to Eden Palm and the traditional& archaic Houses. After lunch, we go toMatmata with 1 stop in Douz to visit “The Douz Sahara Museum”.

Day 6: Matmata/Gabes/Hammamet

A visit is planned to “the berber village” of Matmata, the name of a Berber tribe was later given to the town. From the splendor of the high citadel of Ksar Jouma which overlooks the entire region, follow the rocky trails down to the arid, sun baked region of Matmata which was the setting for the film “Star Wars. Departure to Hammamet with 1 stop in Gabes. After Lunch, we visit Jara Market “spices Market”. With its pleasant beaches, Gabes boasts a truly splendid oasis, split into two and fed by an ever-running stream that flows into itself and into the sea amidst salt spray, dates and palms.

Day 7: Hammamet/Tunis

Departure to Tunis airport with 1 stop in Bardo Museum. Visit the suburbs of the capital, This museum was originally a Hafside Palace, built in the 13th century and over the years it has been restored and now displays some of the finest Roman mosaics and other priceless treasures from various territories throughout Tunisia. This superb example of Arab-Moslem architecture and decoration features vaulted ceilings, galleries and cupolas.