The Charm of Tunisia 7 Nights & 8 Days
Tunis/Kairouan/Sousse/El Jem/Gafsa/ Chbika
Tamarghza/Mides/ Ong Jmal/ Douz/Matmata (30 pax)


Day 1: Tunis /Byrsa/Carthage/Sidi Bou Said (01 night/ Tunis)

Arrival to the airport and transfer to the hotel. We will visit Carthage which is an archaeological site, located on a hill stretching over the coast of Tunis and the surrounding plains. You will also see the tophets, the Punic ports, Antonine Baths, Byrsa Hill, the cisterns, Carthage Museum. ₋ Return to the delightful hillside town of Sidi Bou Said with its superb views over the Bay of Tunis.

Day 2: Tunis/Kairouan/Sousse (01 night/ Sousse)

After breakfast, travel to the holy city of Kairouan. We start the day with a visit to the historic monuments in this ancient city, including the Great Mosque, the tomb of Sidi Sahbi, the Aghlabide pools and the Medina. Then visit the Sousse archeological museum which is housed in the Kasbah of the Medina  , a World Heritage Site .

Day 3: El Jem/Gafsa/Tozeur (02 nights Tozeur)

Then we will visit El Jem, one of the most extraordinary sites in Tunisia thanks to the marvelous ancient amphitheater located in the heart of the town. The theater was built in A.D. 230 and used to accommodate 30,000 spectators. Then, departure to Tozeur via Chott El Jerid which is a seasonal lake that is completely dry for most of the year. Its burned area in the sun, made up of a hard crust of sodium chloride, conceals the sources of groundwater and the zone from a red lively color because of high iron content,

Day 4: Chbika –Tamarghza-Mides-Ong Jmal

After breakfast, departure in 4X4 to visit Chebika. It was known as the castle of the sun. We will continue our tour by visiting Tamerza, the largest mountain oases of Tunisia, we will then visit the palm grove, the water-fall, stop by an old village and we will also visit Midès; Afternoon, visit Dar Chraiet museum and Eden Palm ecomuseum: It is a unique private museum in the country, with an innovative concept , it  helps understand the irrigation system , palm culture , craft trades centered around one of the most emblematic trees in Tunisia.

Day 5: Tozeur/Douz/Matmata

After breakfast, you will cross the immense Salt Lake Chott El Jerid, on the way to Douz, the ‘gateway to the Sahara’. Then continue to Matmata with its lunar landscape and homes built into the earth. Have a chance to visit a troglodyte dwelling. ₋ continuing to Timbaine, located in the Great Eastern Sand Sea, at 100 km south from Douz (or Ksar Ghilane). ₋ Timbaine means: the mountain that ‘s seen from far away.

Day 6: Mednine/Gabes/Mahdia

After arrival to Gabes, the only coastal oasis in the Mediterranean, surrounded by fine sand beaches. Its vast palm grove is truly enchanting, and its old city is distinguished by its authentic atmosphere. But Gabes is above all the entrance to the Sahara; the start of a journey between ridges and arid hills, Bedouin tents and old Berber villages.

Day 7: Mahdia /Hammamet

Visit Mahdia – The city is a modern tourist resort with some of Tunisia’s most beautiful beaches, a particularly active fishing harbor and its old Medina is home to Tunisia’s finest lace weavers and is an ideal setting for a relaxing stroll. Then departure to Hammamet,

Day 8: Tunis/Bardo

Visit the suburbs of the capital, the Bardo Museum. This museum was originally a Hafside Palace, built in the 13th century and over the years it has been restored. Then, departure to the heart of Tunis and the old Medina. You will see the great Zaytuna Mosque located in the centre of the old Medina, door-to-door shops selling all types of local curiosities and stunning houses of character which are nowadays used as exclusive gift shops, art galleries and fine traditional restaurants.