Gallery of Unforgettable Events

Through each event, we celebrate life’s most precious moments. Every designed detail becomes a piece of an unforgettable puzzle. Our expertise transforms these moments into lasting memories.

Seminars and conferences

Our team of professionals provides you with a very wide range of activities of all kinds. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your event and its objectives.

We can advise you on many perfect activities to strengthen the cohesion of your teams and liven up your event.

For all your incentive seminars, we offer three key events that have already proven themselves to our many clients. We will ensure the complete planning of your event.


At EVENCIA, we provide you with dedicated teams of professional technicians and technical engineers, true event architects.

During your business inauguration, benefit from advanced sound systems, immersive lighting, high-end video solutions, a tailor-made stage and personalized stands.

We orchestrate your entire event, from design to completion, ensuring complete logistics, from delivery to assembly, to dismantling and recovery of equipment. Make your inauguration an exceptional and worry-free moment with EVENCIA.


Team building & Incentive

For all your Team Learning or Coaching events, we can organize a large number of different activities. You will be able to choose from our wide range.

You will inevitably succeed in finding an event that will appeal to as many people as possible! Our agency can recommend key activities that have proven themselves during Team Learning. We recommend the perfume creation workshop, a Giant EscapeRoom or even a treasure hunt.

Enough to bring your troops together around a common goal. Trust EVENCIA to make all your incentive seminars a success!

Corporate evenings

Are you organizing a party for your company staff? Are you looking for original animations that are out of the ordinary? EVENCIA offers you its services to create a memorable and exceptional event! Our agencies offer a variety of entertainment to make your party unforgettable.

Drawing on our experience with professionals, we can advise you on some key activities to integrate into your event. So, you can surprise your guests with a mentalism show, magic workshops, or even an introduction to HAKA, a more unusual option! Something to get people talking about your party!

Your event agency takes care of the entertainment of your CE evening. Please all your employees and their families by organizing activities for young and old alike. We will organize all your events with the utmost seriousness. We can offer you a very wide range of activities of all kinds, each more unusual than the last… so that your CE party is unforgettable! Come and discover our many activities!


EVENCIA brings together teams of seasoned scenographers and creative designers to bring the distinctive aesthetic of your event to life. Our meticulous approach integrates innovative concepts, captivating visual elements and artistic compositions, creating a tailor-made scenography. From design to implementation, we take care of every detail, ensuring an immersive and memorable experience. Trust EVENCIA to transform your space, captivate your audience and give your event a unique atmosphere.