Seminars and Congresses

Explore a new dimension in the organization of your seminars and conferences with Evencia Agency, where excellence becomes the norm. We provide you with unrivaled expertise, with tailor-made services to offer you a unique event experience. Whether for a seminar, a congress or a conference, the success of these key moments depends on the excellence of the presentations and speakers. Thus, we are guided by rigor, creativity and adaptability, essential principles which inspire all our future collaborations. And the commitment of our event agency translates into the meticulous design of events that perfectly reflect your identity and meet your unique needs.
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A clever mix of inspiration and logistics
As part of our conference planning services, we are committed to creating an environment conducive to learning and engagement by going beyond simple logistical planning. And by implementing all the necessary elements for a successful conference. Indeed, we design an immersive experience by working on the theme, selecting renowned speakers and creating an atmosphere that will captivate your participants. Thus, the speaker will be placed on a podium or platform to ensure optimal visibility. In addition, we provide him with a music stand and a microphone for his comfort and to encourage interaction with the public. In addition, it can be accompanied by videos, musical illustrations or artists to reinforce the impact of its presentation. From registration management to on-site coordination, Evencia carefully orchestrates every detail:
  • Needs analysis taking into account the objectives, the size of the audience, and the specific characteristics of the event.
  • Creation of a unique immersive experience, by aligning the theme of the conference with visual and interactive elements.
  • Innovative Technical Solutions: Installation of technical equipment necessary for projection, sound reinforcement, etc.
  • Development of personalized communication solutions to maximize interaction before, during and after the event.


A fusion of knowledge and innovation
The objective of a congress is to open up new perspectives for your business. This is why its organization requires impeccable logistics and careful management. Our services for organizing conferences embrace the complexity of these events. Indeed, our event agency ensures the coordination of every detail. From finding and booking the ideal venue to managing registrations or speakers, including creating a diverse program, we ensure complete planning. In addition, we bring an innovative touch to each conference. Thus creating an environment conducive to intellectual exchanges. Concretely, the organization of your conference begins with:
  • The creation of a one page website or landing page with the graphic charter specific to your event.
  • Preparing the personalized seminar kit
  • Sending and tracking invitations
  • Confirmation and monitoring of speaker pre-registrations
  • The choice of accommodation and rooms according to the needs of the congress
  • Selection of the necessary equipment (projection equipment, stopwatches for speakers, boxes or tablets for quizzes, etc.)
  • On-site badging, transfer tracking and guest logistics
  • Outdoor dinner and guided tour for guests
  • Assistance and provision of technical staff and reception staff during the event
  • Preparing B2B meetings in advance via an appropriate application
  • The photo and video report.


An investment in the development of your teams
Professional seminars are an opportunity to stimulate collaboration and strengthen skills. Evencia Agency designs tailor-made seminars, integrating interactive activities and training sessions to catalyze the development of your teams and maximize impact. Thus, we integrate interactive workshops, tailor-made training sessions and team-building activities to create an educational and engaging experience. Because we aim to stimulate collaboration and give your teams practical tools to excel. In addition, one of the crucial responsibilities assumed by our agency when setting up a professional seminar particularly concerns the economic aspect. This firstly involves meticulous management of your budget. Likewise, to ensure the success of your seminar, we provide you with:
  • Hotels of different categories, ranging from 2 to 5 stars.
  • Complexes specially designed for seminars, including amphitheatres, tents, a 500 m² plenary, conference rooms equipped with all the necessary equipment (Wifi, projection equipment, sound system, technical service, translation, etc. ).
  • Personalized evenings, such as a gala dinner on a private beach or a themed evening according to your preferences.
  • Complete management of service providers, including hostesses, audio and video service
  • Coordination of communications, including invitations, badges, gifts, and press relations.


We carefully evaluate your specific needs, the number of participants, as well as your preferences in order to select a location that reflects the essence of your conference. And thanks to our extensive network of partners, we offer you diversified options.

We start with an in-depth analysis of your objectives, then we manage the logistics, promotion, and coordinate the event on the big day. Thus, our holistic approach guarantees the success of your conference completely, from start to finish.

Absolutely, we adapt each professional seminar according to your objectives, the size of your group and the skills you wish to develop. Therefore, each seminar is tailor-made to uniquely meet your needs.

We incorporate interactive methods, workshops and discussions to encourage active participation. In addition, our experienced hosts captivate the audience. Ensuring that each participant is fully engaged in the event.

Yes, we offer hybrid solutions allowing remote participation. Thus, whether for seminars or conferences, we ensure that each participant can benefit from the experience. And this, regardless of its location.

Our events agency brings its logistics expertise, creativity and experience to ensure stress-free planning. This allows your business to focus on content and participant engagement.

First, we make detailed plans and anticipate potential challenges. Additionally, we ensure clear communication with all suppliers and participants. Additionally, our experienced team is ready to quickly resolve any unforeseen issues.

The duration depends on your specific goals, the topics to be covered, and the activities you want to include. Then we work with you to design a program that is both informative and engaging for your participants.

We take care of travel coordination and accommodation management for international speakers. Additionally, our multilingual team facilitates communication to ensure a seamless experience.

For Evencia, confidentiality is a priority. Indeed, we use secure systems and strict confidentiality protocols. Additionally, we work with trusted partners to ensure the complete security of your event information.