Tunisia is now a popular tourist destination which enjoys an increasingly important notoriety, this is what reveals the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which has just published its report on tourism trends for the year 2017. .

No one is unaware of the extremely difficult years that Tunisian tourism went through after the terrorist attacks which targeted the country in 2015. Now, the influx of tourists seems to be resuming in this 2017 season and a promising outcome is expected.

The UNWTO report places Tunisia among the most popular global tourist destinations and likely to evolve further in the years to come.

Thus, the British media The Telegraph has compiled a list of the top ten destinations.

“So what can we read in the data? Well, the fact that countries such as Egypt and Tunisia are among the top ten seems to indicate a recovery in tourism after a series of terrorist attacks,” writes the editorial staff of the Telegraph.

According to the UNWTO, the travel advice provided by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office following the terrorist attack on the beach of a hotel in Sousse would have contributed to the recovery of tourist confidence. The UNWTO predicts an increase in tourist traffic in Tunisia of 32% and indicates that nearly 7.5 million tourists would visit Tunisia in 2017, a figure close to the 7.8 million recorded in 2010, again according to the UNWTO.

Tourists stand near a plaque dedicated to victims on the beach of the Imperial Marhaba resort, on the first anniversary of an attack by a gunman at the hotel in Sousse

Another surprise in this report is that Palestine tops the list. According to UNWTO, Palestine represents the destination with the fastest growing tourism sector. Indeed, the opening of British artist Banksy’s The Walled Off Hotel in the West Bank seems to have boosted tourism in the region, which would have increased by 57.8% according to the UNWTO report.

Statue of a chimpanzee bell-boy stands at the entrance of the Walled Off hotel, which was opened by street artist Banksy, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem

Still among Arab destinations, we find Egypt in 2nd place and which recorded an increase in tourist traffic of 51% despite the ban on serving “Sharm El Sheikh” imposed by Great Britain on its airlines. However, an estimate of 8 million vacationers is established for 2017 and around 14 million in 2020.

Among European destinations, we only find Iceland which benefits from the Game Of Thrones effect, the famous American television series, as well as its airline “Icelandair” which offers its passengers traveling directly to the United States a stopover free in Iceland.

For destinations on the Asian continent, Vietnam, Mongolia and the Northern Mariana Islands appear in the ranking. The beauty of the Asian archipelagos or the sandy deserts of Central Asia are the main attractions of these countries.

As for the American continent, Uruguay and Nicaragua are included in this ranking. Uruguay seems to owe this tourist boom to the legalization of cannabis in 2014, while Nicaragua owes it to its beaches lined with palm trees, its green landscapes and also its history.

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