Poland on Thursday eased its restrictions on travelers to Tunisia. According to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although Tunisia has not experienced terrorist attacks since 2016, the risk is still present, calling on its citizens to be vigilant.   After the decision of the President of the Republic Béji Caid Essebsi to make production sites military zones, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs strictly prohibits its citizens from going there. According to Polish diplomacy, it is necessary to avoid certain regions in the west and south of the country plagued by certain “violence, demonstrations and road blockages”. Finally, it calls on its nationals to avoid public gatherings and to respect local authorities while affirming that group trips to secure hotels will be planned. On July 26, the British Foreign Office relaxed its recommendations to tourists traveling to Tunisia, ending its instruction to cancel all non-essential travel to Tunis and the main tourist sites. This decision was immediately followed by the announcement of the British tour operator Thomas Cook to put Tunisia back on the program of its services.

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